Bill Wyman / Monkey Grip and Stone Alone

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A busman’s holiday done right - twice!

Granted, the former William Perks’ vocal and songwriting skills were not up to the Glimmer Twins’ ranks. Yet, on his first two solo slabs, Bill enlists famous friends aplenty – Leon Russell, Dr. John, Clydie King, Joe Lala, Dallas Taylor, Joe Walsh, Lowell George, Al Kooper, and future Stone Ronnie Wood, to cite a few – to wax thoroughly enjoyable genre exercises traversing blues, country, folk, jazz, funk, rockabilly, glam, and permutations thereof.

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Revel in Wyman’s sparse pocket grooves on “What a Blow,” “It’s a Wonder,” and “Soul Satisfying.”  Leaving no stone unturned, to my ears, Monkey Grip (1974) and Stone Alone (1976) reveal the oldest Stone to be the wisest and most diverse Stone…            

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