Pink Floyd / Obscured by Clouds


“The memories of a man of his old age, are the deeds of a man in his prime….”

david bass 2_opt.jpg

One of the Floyd’s decidedly obscure sides, the film soundtrack Obscured by Clouds (1972) emerges as an intriguing and rather enjoyable harbinger to Dark Side of the Moon (1973).  

david bass_opt (1).jpg

It’s been noted that David Gilmour maneuvered various passages throughout the Floyd canon. On this platter, be it Roger Waters (who cut fine upper register motifs on Syd’s Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967) or David – behold the exquisite countermelodies on such cuts as “Stay,” and “Wot’s Uh the Deal,” and the trad rock riffage beneath “The Gold It’s In The…”  - all of which compliment Mr. Mason’s slow-as-molasses percussive disposition and Richard Wright’s flawless plinkery.