Alice Cooper / Muscle of Love

Alice 1.jpg

To my ears, this was the Alice Cooper Band’s finest hour (or 40 minutes). Akin to The Beatles white slab, the Cooper clan is stylistically all over the place spanning jazz (“Crazy Little Child”), folk-pop (“Teenage Lament”), funk (“Big Apple Dreamin’ Hippo”), soundtrack (“Man with the Golden Gun”), Stax style soul pop (“Never Been Sold Before”), sweet balladry (“Hard Hearted Alice”) and old-school hard rock (“Woman Machine”). And it all works magnificently.

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I asked engineer Dennis Ferrante how he captured Dennis Dunaway’s signature cascading basslines on the title track – he couldn’t remember – we spent hours twiddling knobs at Euphoria Studios in NYC with my Fender Jazz.

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Oh, and the backing vocalists on this platter include The Pointer Sisters, Ronnie Spector, Liza Minelli, and probably the late, truly great Mr. Ferrante.  The packaging was genius…

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