Deep Purple / Made in Europe

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Despite the chemicals and the confrontations, the last live gasp of Deep Purple’s Mark III lineup really smokes, with all due respect to that incident in Montreux!

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All is forgiven regarding the “alleged” overdubs and corrections – which are standard fare on any concert slab. Blackmore, Paice, and Lord exude collective and improvisatory virtuosity as usual. And Coverdale, an acquired taste as usual.

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Mr. Glenn Hughes takes us all to hard rock bass college on tracks which first appeared on the masterpiece Burn (1973) and under-appreciated Stormbringer (1974).

Glenn’s signature soulful rhythms and adventurous harmonic extensions abound – and in some instances, harken back to Purp’s prog roots.


His falsettos on "Burn" alone are worth the price of admission. Even in turmoil, and “allegedly” sniffing powdery substances off strippers’ bums, these cats rocked above the rest!       

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