Joey Spampinato

"He can play like a bass player, not like a bass guitar player. There's a difference, believe me. And the last thing I wanted was somebody that sounded like a bass guitar player, because all of Chuck Berry's stuff is basically made for upright bass and a swing thing. So Joey comes in and I'm amazed. How do you that?! You know, I've been around, but..." Keith Richards.

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A thumb thumper with an electrified “upright” approach, Joey Spampinato anchored an American rock and roll “institution” known as the New Rhythm and Blues Quartet for nearly 40 years.

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A songwriter, vocalist, and valued  guest side-man (Keith Richards, Chuck Berry, Bonnie Raitt, Steve Forbert, Buddy Miller, Marshall Crenshaw)- akin to Keith’s ex-coworker Bill Wyman, Joey drew inspiration from the jazz, blues, and rockabilly greats.

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After splitting NRBQ Joey formed the Spampinato Brothers with his sibling Johnny.   

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