Ron Wood / Side On This, Slide On This Live

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If Mick and Keith had Ronnie’s own albums to do, there’d be a lot more classics from the Glimmer Twins! The former full-time bassist Stone who is oft left unturned cut two soulful sides in the early 90s; one studio and the other being live renditions of the Slide on This platter along with choice cuts from Ronnie’s repertoire.

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With his mates Ian McLagan, Joe Elliott, Edge, Simon Kirke, Charlie Watts, Chuck Leavell, and Bernard Fowler – Ronnie flexes his rhythm & blues chops aplenty with the fluid and funky Doug Wimbish on extended range.

On the concert album, it’s only rock and roll with groove master Shaun Solomon, also on the five-string, for raucous renditions of “Flying,” “I Can Feel the Fire,” and “Silicone Grown” among others with Bernard doing the heavy lifting on vocals. Now look, you can laud the lads from Dartford, Kent all you like, it’s Woody who waxes the best solo Stones sides. 

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