Argent / Encore: Live in Concert

Argent Jim 1.jpg

Ah, the sprawling double-live slab, resplendent with a heavy gatefold sleeve; a venerable and much beloved behemoth staple of my 1970s teenage youth!

We revel in the excess and prog bombast that is Encore: Live In Concert. Waxed at the Theater Royal in Drury Lane, Swansea, and the bassist's hometown of St. Albans, this massive, murky twofer captures this late, great player stretching out harmonically, sonically, and rhythmically on Argent staples plus The Zombies' “Time of the Season” with his brawny Fender P run through an array of effects. Who among ye can resist an 11:30 rendition of “Hold Your Head Up” replete with a James Walter Rodford bass solo commencing at 2:35!

Thomas SemioliComment