George Harrison / Give Me Love

klaus 1_opt.jpg

Agreed “You’re So Vain” unquestionably stands as this German bassist’s definitive moment on record for what may be rightly considered as the most famous bass intro in pop music. 

As such, I refer readers to Mr. Voormann’s rhythmic and harmonic genius as heard on George Harrison’s hit ‘73 single “Give Me Love Give Me Peace On Earth.”

Revel as Klaus’ remarkable passage seamlessly morphs from the pocket to a melodic partner and back to the pocket once again with keys icon Nicky Hopkins’ brilliant (as usual) comping.  And dig the manner in which Rock and Roll Hall of Fame worthy drummer Jim Keltner and Klaus conjure such a deceptively subtle, soulful groove on the choruses whilst George’s melodies and slide work soar on the verses and solo section. Ensemble virtuosity indeed!

And lest we forget - Huff Post 2015: Eleven Bass Players Who Belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:     


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