Frank Zappa / Sheik Yerbouti

Zappa 1_opt.jpg

Fact - every Zappa side is seminal!

I must cite this '79 twofer not only for its definitive rendition of "Bobby Brown," or Patrick O'Hearn's brilliant bass artistry on "Rubber Shirt" - which utilizes Frank's "experimental re-synchronization" technique wherein the final work is an overdub of two unrelated tracks - but for what is, to my ears, the best Dylan spoof ever as rendered by Adrian Belew on the track "Flakes."

As are all of Zappa's sidemen and women - O'Hearn is a master accompanist / soloist. And as I was witness at The Capital Theater in Passaic in '78 Zappa employed two bassists - O'Hearn and Arthur Barrow - on the tour which debuted material from Sheik Yerbouti.