Peter Frampton / Frampton's Camel

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Golden haired, Fender P wielding UK session ace / sideman Rick Wills was everywhere in the 1970s – anchoring Roxy Music and solo Bryan Ferry, David Gilmour, Kevin Ayers, the revamped Small Faces, and Foreigner to cite a few. 

With the mighty Frampton’s Camel -which also featured keys man Mick Gallagher (later of Ian Dury’s Blockheads) and drummer John Siomos (who’d stick with Peter for Frampton Comes Alive) – Wills flexes his formidable rhythm & blues chops throughout.

Dig Rick in the pocket on “White Sugar” and  “I’ve Got My Eyes On You” and a beautiful rendition of Stevie’s  “I Believe.”      

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