There are records which define the vibe of the locale and era of their creation.


New York City 1976 – that’s Stuff!  

Comprised of first-call session cats – bassist Gordon Edwards, Richard Tee, Cornell Dupree, Eric Gale, and drummers Chris Parker and Steve Gadd - my generation remembers this funky, cool collective from the legendary October ‘76 SNL episode with John Belushi’s spoof of Joe Cocker – who was on tour with Stuff to support the slab Stingray which they cut in Jamaica earlier in the year.

At a junction when jazz fusion artists were oft given to flashy displays of dexterity and volume, Stuff distinguished themselves by working the groove with melodic solos that sizzled with old school soul and rhythm & blues. With his signature growling Fender P, Edwards’ mastery of the pocket is legend. These are the players that we looked up to, and still do!      

Thomas SemioliComment