Wilko Johnson / Blow Your Mind

WILKO 1_opt.jpg

Give me one guitar icon: Wilko Johnson, and add one bass icon: Norman Watt-Roy, and you’ve got Blow Your Mind (2018), a collection which does exactly as the title implies. Wilko and Norm fit like a hand in glove, riffing incessantly yet never overstating their purpose. Watt-Roy’s signature Bass Centre instrument is essentially a hot-rodded Fender Jazz bolstered with Seymour Duncan pick-ups and a Badass Bridge – essential gadgetry as my 1970s bass brethren will attest to. His tone is noticeably thicker which effectively serves Johnson’s brittle Tele timbre. With Mick Talbot on keys and son of Steve - Dylan Howe, in the drum chair - if this slab does not move you, notify your next of kin!  

Thomas SemioliComment