Jeff Ganz

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If an alien interloper landed among my cadre of bassists and demanded "take me to your leader" - we'd escort the little green bugger to meet Jeff Ganz. Commencing his musical journey on drums and guitar, Jeff dedicated himself to our instrument (electric and upright) at the ripe old age of 20, and his expansive career is joyous study in versatility - this cat digs just about every style of music and his playing and personal disposition reflects his curiosity as to how all music connects humanity. A player, educator, composer, sideman, collaborator, producer, and band-member (The Hit Men) whose career spans John Lee Hooker, Broadway, Johnny Winter, Chuck Berry, Rita Moreno, Roy Buchanan, Ben Vereen, Lou Reed, and Dr. John to cite a very, very select few - Ganz adapts his playing to every situation with authenticity borne of study and wonder. His podcast, Breaking It Down co-hosted with bass guitarist John Montagna is a college education on the span of 20th Century American popular music. Guy Lombardo used to say that when he exits this mortal coil, he was taking "New Year's Eve" with him - when Ganz pops his clogs, we gotta make sure he doesn't take bass with him! Stay tuned for Jeff Ganz in Know Your Bass Player On Film Season Deux in 2019!

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