The Meters / Cissy Strut

cissy 0_opt.jpg Find it in your heart to forgive ye bass players who solely purvey funk with fast, furious rapid-fire thwaka, pop, thwaka, pop, thawaka effects via light-gauge round-wounds and flying thumbs.

cissy 2.jpg

The funk is the fingers, finesse, and the flats on a Fender! Behold the master, George Porter Jr. on the monumental Meters’ “Cissy Strut” – a track duly cited by the Grammy Hall of Fame. George and drummer Zigaboo Modeliste create an iconic groove with enough space to sail a Mississippi River steamboat!

As Mr. Porter has noted, a lot of cats play this riff wrong. Well, it ain’t so much as the notes as it is the feel and space. How much jambalaya I gotta eat to play like Porter?    

cissy 4.jpg
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