Bowie / Pin Ups

bowie-pin-ups_opt.jpg  For those who dismissed Trevor Bolder as all side-whiskers and platforms, drop the stylus on side one song one of Bowie's delightful tribute song-cycle Pin-Ups (1973) wherein the late Hull born bassist tears through The Pretty Things' "Roslyn" with a freight train descending motif.  Trevor traverses pocket to melodic foil throughout Ziggy's last hurrah with Ronno, plying unobtrusive grace notes and harmonic extensions amid Mike Garson's well-mannered plinkery and Ansley Dunbar's atomic fills. Hosannas aplenty to producer Ken Scott and engineer Dennis MacKay for the hot mix on this album - which resonates nearly a half century since these tracks were waxed at the Honky Chateau.

Thomas SemioliComment