Rolling Stones / Aftermath

aftermath 1_opt.jpg An absolutely perfect rock 'n' roll record, not only signature of its time, but timeless! 

aftermath 3_opt.jpg

Waxed at RCA Studios, Hollywood in 12/65 and 3/66 the Stones' fourth official studio slab was entirely composed by the Glimmer Twins.  Also noted for its groundbreaking running time (over 50 mins!) and Brian Jones' experimentation, among other elements, the authentic UK version of Aftermath was yet another showcase for the former William Perks who, to my ears, keeps the band grounded in its blues roots as they stretched the genre beyond its pop precincts. 

aftermath 2_opt.jpg

Bill's pocket is the driving force throughout, especially beneath "Under My Thumb," "Flight 505," "Stupid Girl," and the epic "Goin' Home." 

aftermath 4_opt.jpg