Elton John / Don't Shoot Me...

dont shoot_opt.jpg

http://bit.ly/2EEK03L  “She was long and she was lean, she's a middle-aged dream, and that lady means the whole world to me…”

To cite an early Elton slab with Dee, Nigel, and Davey for greatness is redundant however this collection, waxed at the Honky Chateau d’Herouville, France, in the summer of ’72 is among the piano player’s most underrated collections. Murray dispatches with his register leaping contrapuntal approach for pure pocket plectrum and pluckery which soulfully befit such gems as “Teacher I Need You,” “Elderberry Wine,” “Midnight Creeper,” “Teenage Idol,” “Crocodile Rock,” “Daniel,’ and the b-sides “Screw You,” “Jack Rabbit,” and “Whenever You’re Ready We’ll Go Steady.” Bravo Ken Scott for putting Dee up in the mix. A joyous mix of rockers and ballads, entertaining packaging, tight performances that were cut with minimal takes: this was pop rock and roll at it’s finest!    

Thomas SemioliComment