Squeeze / Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti


http://bit.ly/2FPIcRz Whirrrrrrrrrrrr! Led by Pino Palladino, Tony Franklin, Sting, and the shadow of Jaco –among others, ‘twas a fretless frenzy in the Reagan / Thatcher era.

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As such, yours truly went sans metal strips -refer to the 1985 photo of this young scribe/bassist with a Japanese Tune sticking out of both sides of my neck! 

The author in 1985

The author in 1985

Among my Among my inspirational slabs was Squeeze’s Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti (1985) wherein bassist Keith Wilkinson skillfully slaps, glissandos, and renders pocket grooves and countermelodies with a fat, resonant tone on yet another collection of Difford and Tilbrook gems.

Go figure why the record didn’t sell, and why Squeeze never really advanced commercially despite the fact that they never put out a perfunctory platter, and bassists, myself included, retreated to trad fingerboards in the 1990s!       

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