Diamanda Galas & John Paul Jones / Sporting Life

DIAMANDA 1_opt.jpg

http://bit.ly/2oSVc1S Out through the indoor?

Akin to his celebrated bandmate Robert Plant, the post-Zep forays of the former John Baldwin are equally intriguing, though decidedly outside the mainstream.  On this remarkable 1994 collaborative effort with avant-garde diva Diamanda Galas, Jonesy works the pocket on tracks that echo the thunder of his former ensemble sans the (occasional) bombast and macho bravura.


Dispatching his usual rhythm & blues approach in favor of Led-like riffage rendered with a much sharper tone than our beloved I, II, III, IV slabs of yore, this platter effectively brings experimental into the hard rock realm with an enjoyable dosage of ‘70s swagger.

Whoa, and that’s The Attractions’ Pete Thomas on drums!