Iwan Gronow

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https://bit.ly/2IR7Dnn In the early 00’s when Johnny Marr produced Brit "Beatle Barnet Fair" Haven’s magnificent pair of dream pop platters Between the Senses - perhaps a nod’s as good as a wink to the Stones’ Between the Buttons – and the follow-up All For A Reason, Moz’s former mate was certainly enamored with the melodic pocket plectrum purveyance of bassist Iwan Gronow.

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Anchoring Mr. Marr’s muscular post-Smiths ensembles, https://bit.ly/Yqnems  Iwan serves the mercurial Mancunian guitar hero quite effectively by way of a gritty, pedal pushing Fender P tones and supportive passages with an occasional harmonic foray into the upper register.

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