Hot Tuna / Burgers

burgers 1_opt.jpg

Tuna morphs from a jam ensemble to a bona fide song band on their immortal third slab waxed in late ‘71, and which also marks their studio bow. Every Casady side is essential, however Burgers further reveals the innumerable ways Jack seamlessly works the pocket and serves as a countermelodic virtuoso. The abrupt tempo changes in “True Religion” , the fuzzy sustained notes, chromatic runs on “Sea Child” and “Water Song” among others, weave their way through Jorma’s repertoire of master guitar techniques too numerous to cite here.

Papa John and drummer Sammy Piazza add a funk - swing vibe to the proceedings. And that’s David Crosby on “Highway Song” wherein Jack disposes the distortion for an usually resonant trad bass tone.         

burgers gate_opt.jpg