Roger Daltrey / As Long As I Have You

Daltrey 1.jpg

Absofookinlutely, had Ox and Moonie not popped their respective clogs, this would have made a smashing ‘Oo slab, especially given the presence of Bijou Drains - who brilliantly bolsters the old Duchess with his posh rhythmic prowess. Daltrey’s grizzled pipes prevail in the service of sensible libretti penned by geezers Stephen Stills, Boz Scaggs, Nick Cave, Stevie Wonder, and Joe Tex, among others.  High Numbers touring bassist Jon Button, Moke multi-instrumentalist John Hogg, and ex-World Party thumper David Catlin-Birch hold the bottom with imaginative pocket proclivities and countermelodies aplenty. Flog the hipster gits and naff music scribblers, Who matters even with just two mugs sucking air!