Tin Machine

The masses just didn’t get it in 1989, however David’s Tin Machine, to my ears, ranks among his greatest works. As I have been witness to many a Bowie ensemble over his career, including TM on their final concert trek; the triumvirate of Reeves Gabrels, Hunt Sales, and bassist Tony Sales were incendiary on stage and on record. Tony works the pocket and often renders brilliant counterpoint with legato phrasing and a sharp tone to balance his mates, who took off into the harmonic and rhythmic stratosphere and then some. The live slab, titled as U2 spoofery, offers a glimpse of how remarkable they were on any given night. Of the entire Bowie canon, these three releases warrant re-evaluation. And they were funny in concert too, jibing each other between songs.  

tin 1_opt.jpg
TIN 2A_opt.jpg
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