Robert Palmer / Riptide


Every bass note within (or without) a chord evokes a color, an emotion, and a direction. Robert’s Riptide, waxed in ’85, remains a funk rock tutorial for bassists of any generation. Eight of the nine bass tracks were cut by producer / Chic commander-in-chief Bernard Edwards, and that’s UK session ace Guy Pratt on “Discipline of Love.”

Bermard Edwards_opt.jpg

Both virtuoso players afford space aplenty for Palmer’s patented rhythm and blooze Euro-croon coupled with Tony Thompson’s larger-than-life backbeat.

Guy Pratt photo courtesy GuyPratt.Com

Guy Pratt photo courtesy GuyPratt.Com

When rendering economic passages, every note counts – and Edwards/Pratt outline the changes with remarkable brevity and expertise. This is where theory and sight-reading come in – you’ve got to know exactly what you’re doing to play with such pinpoint proficiency. Essential listening!

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