Samuel Kiszka

Bollocks to all ye naysayers! Head-up-their-arse geezer rockers (yes, you!) and indie snobs (are there any other kind?) incessantly grumble over Greta Van Fleet’s hearty homage to their influences however amnesia sets in with regard to the obvious factoid that the omnipotent Beatles, Stones, Yardbirds, Sonic Youth, Oasis, and Led “We Can Afford the Best Lawyers” Zeppelin – all pilfered heavily from those that came before them.  Refer to Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Velvet Underground, Stooges, Little Richard, and Buddy Holly among others who wuz robbed, and in Page / Plant’s case: their contemporaries Spirit, and Moby Grape. Akin to his mentor, the former John Baldwin, bassist / keyboardist Samuel Kiszka is a fluid, soulful player who serves the almighty song. Nice to see a bona fide rock band piss folks off in the 21st Century. Long may they infuriate and inspire a new generation. Note to Robbie Williams, play “Highway Tune” loud enough for your neighbor to hear!      

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Thomas SemioliComment