KNOW YOUR BASS PLAYER ON FILM SEASON DEUX: Rob Stoner : Like A Rolling Stoner : Bob Dylan Rolling Thunder Revue

With Rob as the anchor and musical director, Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue made the iconic singer, songwriter relevant to a new generation tuned to the burgeoning punk scene, and emerging voices such as Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith, along with a new wave of writers and musicians. Stoner was the "thunder" in that Revue, commandeering a rotating cast of diverse players including Mick Ronson, Roger McGuinn, and Joan Baez, among others. To this day, it is among Dylan's greatest artistic achievements and a watershed moment in popular music that continues to resonate. Stoner's swingin' modal bass passages recast Dylan's repertoire - nothing was off limits - harmonically or rhythmically. Dylan always surrounded himself with great players, but none of his bands, including The Band, could rock akin to Rolling Thunder. Tom Semioli: Interviewer / Writer. Mark Preston: Director / Producer. Derek Hanlon: Cinematographer. Mark Polott: Editor.

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