KNOW YOUR BASS PLAYER ON FILM SEASON DEUX: Rob Stoner Part 1: Bob Dylan, Desire, and Discipline!

In Part 1 of this riveting two part episode, bassist and musical director Rob Stoner takes us behind the scenes of the recording of Bob Dylan's Desire album in New York City, including the controversial single "Hurricane," which sets the stage for the historic Rolling Thunder Revue. A veteran of the Greenwich Village scene, an in-demand session player/vocalist, and a band-leader in his own right, Rob plays a pivotal role in Dylan's remarkable resurgence on this record - which reignites a folk-rock landscape mostly given to the softer, overtly commercial sounds of Laurel Canyon. With Stoner as his anchor and guide, Bob was accepted by a generation which had grown skeptical of 60s "icons" in a rapidly changing popular music scene where commerce was consuming art. Tom Semioli: Interviewer / Writer. Mark Preston: Director / Producer. Derek Hanlon: Cinematographer. Mark Polott: Editor.

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